Tridium N4 Licensing

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Tridium N4 Licensing

Are you new to Tridium or moving from Ax to N4? If so, the licensing model can be a little confusing. In prior releases of Tridium, the specific driver was licensed for the JACE. If you were integrating BACnet, you purchased the BACnet driver - pretty simple. When N4 was introduced to the market, the licensing model was updated to a device | point relationship, irregardless of what driver was being implemented. This is good news because the JACE can integrate BACnet, Lonworks, Modbus or OPC without the need to license these specific drivers individually in the JACE. Below is a sample Tridium N4 license:

license file example

If you look at the license file from a standard JACE-8010, I've put emphasis on the included drivers along with the GlobalCapacity feature. As you can see, BACnet, Lonworks, Modbus and OPC are all included without a device or point restriction. This doesn't mean that you are licensed for unlimited points and devices, this is where the GlobalCapacity feature comes in. This feature restricts the number of devices and points that will run in the station. It is important to understand what defines a device and a point.

Devices and Points

A device represents the DDC controller on the corresponding network. An example of a device would be a VAV Controller, Lighting Controller or an interface card into a piece of equipment and each device is licensed for 50 points. That doesn't mean that the 50 points have to be used with the associated device. Maybe a typical VAV controller device utilizes 20 points, leaving 30 unused points. Those unused points can be applied to a device that has more than 50 points associated with it. An example might be a large Air Handling Unit controller that has 80 points associated with it. In our example license file, this JACE is licensed for 10 devices and 500 points. If we integrated 10 point heavy devices into our station, it is possible that we do not have enough points to complete the integration. In this case, you will need to purchase additional points by means of a device pack. A device pack can be purchased in different sizes, but will always follow the 50 points per device restriction. The JACE can be licensed for the following devices / points:

JACE-8005: 5 devices | 250 points

JACE-8010: 10 devices | 500 points

JACE-8025: 25 devices | 1,250 points

JACE-8100: 100 devices | 5,000 points

JACE-8200: 200 devices | 10,000 points

JACE Image

Now that you have an idea of what a device is, the points may still be unclear. When we refer to points, we are referring to the points that reside in the controller or device that will communicate over the device network. For example, a VAV controller will typically have Space Temperature, Box Flow and Damper Position. When the VAV controller is programmed, these points will be mapped as network points - these are the points that you will add under the corresponding device. See the image below:

devices and points pic

Hopefully you found the information in this article helpful!


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